Monday, June 17th, 2024

How to create watchlist in Minichart?

An essential tool for traders is a watchlist, which simplifies trading by allowing you to gather your preferred markets in one convenient location. Thus, when time is not on your side, you don’t need to manually search for markets when trading from your desk or while on the go.

To help them make better investing selections, a trader or investor may compile a watchlist containing a few, dozens, or even hundreds of trading instruments. An investor can monitor companies and remain up to date on financial or other developments that may affect these products by using a watchlist.

Usually, the investor keeps an eye on the list and holds off on putting trade orders until a certain conditions are satisfied, such trading above a specific volume, breaking out of a 52-week range, or rising above its 200-day moving average. Here’s how you can create a watchlist in Minichart.

Minichart allows you to create watchlists of stocks from different markets. The watchlists you created can be used in the screener.

How to customise Minichart theme settings?

Minichart gives you access to a wealth of market data so you never miss an opportunity again! 😀 Minichart has all the popular charting styles like Candlesticks, Renko, Point and Figure, line break, colored...

How to use Minichart drawing tools and multi charts?

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How to use Minichart trend line scanner?

One of the most crucial tools that technical analyzers employ is the trendline. Technical analysts seek for patterns in price action rather than historical company performance or other fundamentals. Technical analysts can ascertain the...