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Course Outline
During the seminar, we will showcase to you the many useful functionalities of Minichart and how you can leverage on Minichart to help you pick stocks effectively. Just 10mins of your time everyday! Our sponsored broker will also go through the application of some popular indicators and how each of them can help you look at the market in a different light.

We provide effective and widely use indicators to find the best entry & exit points. You can also use the indicators to track the trend of the market.

New Breakout Trading
Breakout trading is used to capture and track the market trends. With 'new' breakout trading system, you will be able to detect stocks that trigger a breakout at its initial stage.
Candlestick & Heikin-Ashi
Candlesticks provide unique visual cues that make reading price action easier. Candlestick filtering allows you to detect the reversal of a trend at its earliest stage.
Ichimoku is a set of indicators designed as a stand alone trading system. It can be used to identify support and resistance, determine trend direction and generate trading signals.
Multiple Moving Averages
Use MMA to measure trends and identify likely reversals.
Volume Indicator
Volume is a very powerful tool, but it is often overlooked because it is such a simple indicator. The indicator can aid in the trading decision process.
Pattern Scanner
Pattern scanner allows you to scan for chart patterns such as head & shoulder, double bottom, triangle etc.
Stocks with Big Movement
Do you think stock prices are not moving 70% of the time? Use 'big movement' filtering to squeeze out every volatile stocks of the day!
PLUS!  All SIAS members will receive a free copy of the Minichart software with SGX, HKSE, NYSE, AMEX, NASD data feed.

You will receive $168 if you make 3 trades within 1 month of account opening in Lim and Tan Securities (terms and conditions apply)

You will also receive up to $900 if you introduced 6 clients to open an account in Lim and Tan Securities (terms and conditions apply)
Speaker's Profile
Chua Ming Lun, Remisier with Lim & Tan Securities Pte Ltd.

Ming Lun is a remisier with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. Through his years of trading he had explored numerous methods of trading and had developed a trading strategy for his own investment. He is a strong believer of trend following system. He has conducted various technical analysis courses covering subjects ranging from candlesticks, chart patterns to breakout trading and many more.

Ming Lun hopes to share his trading skills to all out there who are keen to learn the correct methods of trading. As a trainer with Minichart, he has conducted his training to hundreds of charting enthusiast in both English and Mandarin sessions.

  蔡明伦是一家新加坡证券公司Lim & Tan Securities Pte Ltd 的股票经纪,也是图表软件Minichart 的技术分析双语导师。 他在这一行已经累积了13年的丰富经验,井在学习许多技术分析的过程中创造了自己的一套投资系统。





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